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Similar to a home inspection but we also observe the outside of the adjacent siding, roofing, attic, crawlspace (if applicable) for major concerns. Most of those items are going to be under the contractor and maintenance responsibility of the HOA but some owners wish to have an awfully general overview of the outside of their complex. We aren’t doing a full home inspection of the complete complex just the components directly adjacent to the outside of this unit.

Some condo purchasers desire to possess just the inside of their condos inspected before purchase. At Higher Elevations LLC, we don’t recommend this sort of inspection, but we’ll perform it if you desire.

An interior only inspection means no commonly owned areas of the condominium are going to be inspected. The inspection will include electrical within the condo, major appliances, plumbing, etc. it’ll not include common walls, structure of the building, etc.

When customers request this sort of inspection it’s actually because the condo they’re purchasing is fairly new, but has had a previous owner for a brief period of your time. These customers mostly want to confirm that they’re fully attentive to the damage and tear the primary owner has left on the condo.

The reason we don’t recommend this sort of inspection is because it leaves out the condition of the building and systems that apply to all or any owners. As a buyer, if one in all these systems breaks, you’re answerable for a little of the repair as an owner within the complex. whether or not the complex is fairly new, there can be repairs coming down the road.

Townhomes And Condos

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